Is there any offline documentation for Sensu go?

I will be on some long flights and wanted the opportunity to read all the documentation for Sensu go in flight. Is there built in documentation to the bits or some kind of downloadable documentation for Sensu go?

I opened an issue hoping for the same thing (e.g. being able to generate a pdf or epub of the whole documentation). That issue is here.

If you plan on reading from a laptop, you could follow the instructions in the sensu-docs README and run the docs site locally.


Thank you so much! That works perfectly!

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Howdy @todd @Kristian we’re still working to figure out the best way to implement this in the docs site. From what we’ve been able to determine, there’s not yet a great workflow for doing this in Hugo, so we’re looking at other ways to accomplish this. Thanks for being so patient!

Yeah, it’s a nice to have, but certainly should be low, low priority