Live webinar on April 23: Getting started with assets!

Join Developer Advocates Jef Spaleta & Todd Cambell for a live webinar on April 23 @ 10:30am PT!

Over the course of 30 minutes, they’ll cover:

:heavy_check_mark:How to publish your first asset using the new sensu-plugins-sdk and template plugin project(s)
:heavy_check_mark:How to package compiled binary plugins (including dynamically linked libraries) as assets

Register here:

Have questions you’d like Todd and Jef to cover? Drop them in the thread here!

webinar is jammed packed with content so we’ll be following up on questions here.

Thanks to everyone who joined! Here’s the recording:

We mention a few resources in the webinar, the details of which you can find below:

Last but not least, we’d love for you to join us at the virtual Sensu Community Summit, happening May 19-22. Register here (it’s free!).