Microsoft Teams handler for OSS?

Hi, I am currently running the OSS version and wanted to try sending alerts to MS teams. I noticed that sensu/sensu-microsoft-teams-handler requires license and shawnmbradley/sensu-msteams-handler does not seem to work?
Is it correct that there is no working handler available except from the licensed version?

The shawnmbradley/sensu-msteams-handler seems to run, but does not post anything to my teams channel:
Feb 04 15:24:09 Sensu sensu-backend[429]: {“check_name”:“testing-teams”,“check_namespace”:“default”,“component”:“pipelined”,“entity_name”:“Sensu”,“entity_namespace”:“default”,“event_id”:“f5c20608-22a5-4d7d-8c58-305c13b9679e”,“handler_name”:“msteams”,“handler_namespace”:“default”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“event pipe handler executed”,“output”:“2021/02/04 15:24:08 CHECKING CONFIG\n2021/02/04 15:24:08 executing handler with --webHookURL https://webhookurlremoved\n”,“status”:0,“time”:“2021-02-04T15:24:09+01:00”}

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I put together a stripped down version of the old ruby teams handler for internal use. It doesn’t allow any customization, and purely accepts the webhook URL.

We use it like:
handler-microsoft-teams.rb --webhook <webhook_url> --map-go-event-into-ruby


Hey @wduncanfraser! I have installed your asset and the plugin as described, I have created an handler with the command you mentioned but still when I have an incident happening, No message is being sent to our teams channel. any ideas?