Connecting Checks to MS Teams Handler


I have set up a sensu backend server under a Docker container.
I was able to set up the agent under one of our production servers, and everything is working ok,
I have even set a few service checks with the PowerShell module and all is well.

But, I do have a simple task that I can’t figure out how to do -
I want to integrate Sensu with our MS Teams channel and i found this handler:

I have added the asset using this command:

sensuctl asset add shawnmbradley/sensu-msteams-handler

And i am able to see it under the asset list, but I have no idea how to configure it.

I’ve spent the whole day reading the documentation but didn’t find anything that helps for this specific case.

Our backend runs in a docker (with the official image from sensu) under CentOS, The sensor is installed on Windows Server 2019 VM.
I am running on the latest Sensu version.

Thanks a lot!