Monitoring application protected by AuthN reverse proxy using sensu



I went through sensu documentation and couldnt find any thing relevant. I am planning to monitor application which is behind authN reverse proxy. Is it possible to do using Sensu?

Here is the scenario :

  1. When I hit ,It redirects to for authentication ,where I provided user name/Password and successfully authenticated users will be able to access the page. I need to configure Sensu in such a way that I can provide username/password along with url,so hat I get expected response code. Really appreciate ,If somebody can point me to some documentation or advise on how to get it done? Thanks in advance


So if I understand this correctly you need to connect to a URL to authenticate and grab some kind of token/cookie and then hit another URL to present this so that you will be authorized and will be able to monitor something. That’s certainly possible although I am not aware of any community plugin that does this for you. Sensu is a framework and can do anything you can write code for. I think there are two basic approaches:

  • have a process that creates a token/cookie (or an out of sensu process that creates a long lived token) that you can set in a header in the form of a comma seperated list of colon delimited keys and values. You could probably create a wrapper script that does the auth setup and then passes the appropriate values to the check mentioned above.
  • create a new script that follows all (or limited to a specific number of) redirects and will know how to provide authentication to the auth gateway and then keep/set a required header so that the application you are monitoring will not attempt to redirect you back due to lack of auth