Monitoring many snmp devices


I don’t find a use case for monitoring many snmp device where sensu-client cannot be installed

I know the JIT proxy client

where you define the source attribute for the check.

but let’s say you have hundreds of switchs and 5 checks for each

You don’t want to create hundreds of checks definition for each device.

Can it be automated ?

I am thinking using

the example match attributes:

  "checks": {
    "check_arista_eth0": {
      "command": "check-snmp-if.rb -h :::address::: -i eth0",
      "subscribers": [
      "interval": 60,
      "proxy_requests": {
        "client_attributes": {
          "keepalives": false,
          "device_type": "router",
          "device_manufacturer": "arista"

BUT how do you create client definition for each snmp devices with these attrbiutes (router, arista) ?