Need script correction on docs page

Found below script was not working as mentioned in sensu go docs page. PFB references:-


Install Sensu agents
Under Downloads, RHEL/Centos, the mentioned script doesn’t work for RHEL.
existing(not working): curl -s | sudo bash

(Working): | sudo bash

@sensu team,
Could you kindly update the correct one?


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@thelittleguy heya, thanks for bringing this up. I’m not currently seeing that the RHEL script is under the ubuntu/deb section:

Do you have a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

I’m able to reproduce the problem as described.
I’m going to see if I can get a PR in real quick right now

@aaronsachs-sensu , You have shared screen recording for section “Install sensu backend”.

As mentioned above, I was pointing to section “Install sensu agents”. PFA snap for your reference.


Okay, PR up for review now in the docs repo.

Looks like a small regression introduced in the 5.11 docs. 5.10 docs appear to have the correct script.

thanks @jspaleta & @aaronsachs-sensu :slightly_smiling_face: