Official install not working for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

I’ve always used Ansible to set up an APT/DEB repo to pull sensu go agents from, but the snippet below no longer works. At Sensu | Sensu Go Downloads the “latest” support distro/packaging is Focal. Any plans on creating releases for the 24.04 LTS?

    - name: Install Sensu packages repository
        repo: "deb {{ ansible_distribution_release }} main"
        state: present
        filename: sensu-stable

    - name: Install Sensu Ruby Plugins repository
        repo: "deb {{ ansible_distribution_release }} main"
        state: present
        filename: sensu-community

Full playbook: A simple playbook for installing, configuring and starting a Sensu Go agent · GitHub

I see this was kind of reported here too: Unable to locate the package sensu-go-backend - #2 by JustinToo

The official install method of using the scripted solution from packagecloud also results in the same failed install:

# Add the Sensu repository
curl -s | sudo bash

# Install the sensu-go-agent package
sudo apt-get install sensu-go-agent


root@machine345:~# curl -s | sudo bash
Detected operating system as Ubuntu/noble.
Checking for curl...
Detected curl...
Checking for gpg...
Detected gpg...
Detected apt version as 2.7.14
Running apt-get update... done.
Installing apt-transport-https... done.
Installing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sensu_stable.list...done.
Importing packagecloud gpg key... Packagecloud gpg key imported to /etc/apt/keyrings/sensu_stable-archive-keyring.gpg
Running apt-get update... done.

The repository is setup! You can now install packages.
root@machine345:~# apt update
Hit:1 noble InRelease
Hit:2 noble-security InRelease
Hit:3 noble InRelease
Hit:4 noble-updates InRelease
Hit:5 noble InRelease
Hit:6 noble-backports InRelease
Ign:7 noble InRelease
Err:8 noble Release
  404  Not Found [IP: 443]
Reading package lists... Done
E: The repository ' noble Release' does not have a Release file.
N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

Source: Install Sensu - Sensu Docs

I wasn’t aware of the cutting of resources/funding …

It’s now coming up on 4 months that I did the “still alive” post and except that post by Justin, not a lot happened…

I still like sensu go and don’t really want to look for something else, maybe we need a fork?

As a hacky workaround, try replacing noble with jammy in the APT sources file.

For ansible:

    - set_fact:
        ansible_distribution_release: "jammy"
      delegate_to: "{{ item }}"
      with_items: "{{ play_hosts }}"
      run_once: yes
      when: ansible_distribution_release == "noble"

Hey @ceda, :wave:

To answer your initial quesiton, our last release 6.11.0 was just prior to Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble Numbat), so packages for it do not yet exist. We will release 24.04 packages with Sensu Go 6.12.0, our next minor release, which is planned for this month, or next.

I can validate @teutat3s method, I use it when I’m testing on newer, or unsupported OS’s.