Problem with sensu plugin installation under debian 9

I heard yesterday about the rewritten monitoring software “sensu-go”.
I immediately set up a virtual machine to test “sensu-go”.
As operating system I chose debian 9, according to the homepage this is also supported.
The installation ran without any problems, the backend is running.
Now I wanted to install plugins for sensu, and here I can’t get any further.
It is not possible for me to install the sensu-install-tools under debian 9.
But according to the instructions on your homepage the plugins will be installed with it.
How can I install the “sensu-intall-tools” for “plugins” under debian 9?
How else can I install plugins for sensu go under debian 9?
Unfortunately it didn’t work with “gem” either.
Anyone have an idea?

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Hi @derAngler,

Can you post the output from attempting to install the plugins? Also, you might consider using assets for plugins, versus the standard sensu-install method, unless you’re finding that the plugin you need doesn’t have an asset listed in

I can’t Install the sensu-plugins-ruby package from packagecloud because there is no version working with debian 9.
And the plugin i want isn’t in the asset listed.

Hi @derAngler see . This describes the need to have packages available for Debian 8/9.

So, at this time no chance with debian 9?