New sensu-ruby-runtime available (version 0.0.10)

Hey everybody!

I released a new version of the sensu-ruby-runtime this week… 0.0.10. If you are currently using any ruby plugin assets making use of the sensu-ruby-runtime asset you may want to look at updating.
Bonsai Asset Listing
GitHub Repo

The big change here is I think we’ve sorted out the glibc errors associated with trying to use the runtime asset on linux distributions that don’t match the build host OS. So for example using the Debian asset should now work on recent versions of Ubuntu. Please check the compatibility matrix in the Readme for the release.

I’m also doing some baseline automating CI testing now in the repository. The repository Readme has the details of the test matrix being use. The baseline test makes use of a native ruby script to verify return code of an https url website and to do this work it must use the dynamically linked openssl library and will catch the glibc errors again if they crop up.

The asset filters being used in the Bonsai generated configuration for the sensu-ruby-runtime asset have been tuned based on the text matrix coverage.

If anyone has ideas for more tests to perform as part of the ruby runtime CI, please file an issue and/or a pull request to discuss.

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