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Hi there!

Welcome to the Sensu Community Q&A forum. We (Team Sensu) are so happy you’re here. Please use this forum to get and give help on all things Sensu, as well as, organizing meetups and events. For users new to Sensu, we have a list of resources designed to make your monitoring journey with Sensu smooth as butter. We definitely recommend bookmarking them for future use.

  • Sensu Docs Site - has everything for your reference needs
  • Sensu Community Slack - for a more immediate need to chat with super smart folks about your issue
  • The Sensu Sandbox - a great resource for setting up a local development environment and getting your hands dirty

We hope you’ll find these helpful! Don’t forget to join the Sensu Community Slack for real time conversations with the Sensu Community:


:heart: Team Sensu

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