Community Support for users impacted by the shutdown of EOL Sensu classic repositories

Hello all :wave:

We’ve heard from a number of companies who have been impacted by the recent shutdown of the EOL repositories. Some of you were already in the process of migrating to Sensu Go, but others have not yet begun the journey.

For anyone who is in the latter camp and looking to fast track that process, I wanted to start a thread to share some resources which may be helpful, and to offer Team Sensu’s help via the “migrating to Sensu Go” Discourse category. We’ll be paying more than the usual attention to respond to your questions via Discourse over the next few weeks (during Pacific Time office hours). For more immediate/direct assistance, please see the comments regarding “Commercial Support”, below.

ICYMI: The Sensu Archives – APT and YUM repositories hosting EOL Sensu “classic” software – were taken offline yesterday, February 1, 2021. Skip ahead to “Background” for a detailed timeline of notices that led up to this shutdown.

In the interim, please note the following resources that may be useful for self-guided migrations:

  1. Migrate from Sensu Core to Sensu Go (official documentation)

    The official Sensu Go migration guide provides the most comprehensive instructions for self-guided migrations. If you’re just getting started this is an excellent resource.

  2. Sensu Community Forums “migrating to Sensu Go” category

    Please don’t hesitate to ask for help here on this Discourse site and members of the Sensu Community – including the Sensu Engineering team – will be happy to help!

There are dozens of other resources including webinars, conference talks, demos, topics in this Discourse forum, and even an OSS sensu-translator CLI for automatically translating configuration from Sensu classic to Sensu Go. Many of these resources are referenced in the guide above, but if you’re looking for something specific, just let us know by replying to this thread or posting a new topic under the “migrating to Sensu Go” Discourse category.

Team Sensu is here and ready to help however we can!

Commercial Support

If you are in urgent need of assistance, please contact our account management team at Sensu | Contact Team Sensu. They will be happy to help you get more information about commercial support and/or professional services.


ICYMI, here’s a brief recap of announcements and other information leading up to the Sensu classic repositories going offline yesterday. It has been a long time coming: