Options to "silence" larger group of host

Hello everyone!

I have been looking into best practices on how to to use silence/stash to “mute” alerts for certain group of hosts.
As far as I see, there is an option to silence based on subscription but my question is, would it silence only checks on that subscription or it would “mute” alerts from all subscriptions that host/group is assigned to?

I will try to be more descriptive and to give an example.

Let’s say we have 3 hosts, CentOS-1, CentOS-2, CentOS-3.
Then we have subscriptions Linux, PhP and third subscription which would be “dummy subscription” and it would be client name “Google-NonProd-QA”.
My plan is to use “dummy subscription” only to GROUP hosts so I can send them silence command.

So, since Linux and PhP subscriptions are general and in use by all hosts and environments, if I silence this “Google-NonProd-QA” would it also silence other checks that are being executed on these 3 hosts?

This of course might not be best idea for what I am trying to do and I would appreciate any suggestions or different approaches on this issue.