Path of sensu-slack-handler in sensu-go-docker sandbox

I’d like to complete the Tutorial Learn Sensu Go - Sensu Docs

As I was not able to run the sandbox in virtualBox, I thought the docker compose sandbox, which is also in repo, is a easier way to start.

I can use sensuctl fine in the Docker Desktop CLI of the sensu-backend container. But in Lession #2 step 3 I now don’t know how I’m supposed to edit the “sensu-slack-handler.json” file.

I already run “sensuctl asset create sensu-slack-handler…” and it printed “created”

The tutorial only indicates “Open the sensu-slack-handler.json handler definition provided with the sandbox”

What is the path of this file? I know the file is somewhere because when I run “sensuctl asset create sensu-slack-handler…” for a second time it prints “Error: resource already exists”

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thanks for the feedback,
I’ll review the email course.

We may end up retiring the virtual machine version of the sandbox and focus on the docker based lesson.