Problem with the way collect pushes JMX stats to Sensu


Cross-post from Collectd list, but that list appears dead at the moment.

Hello! A while back I tried to get the JMX plugin working, and the write_sensu plugin working with collectd. The good news is, we have the JMX plugin working, and the write_sensu plugin is kind of working. The issue we’re having is how it reports the JMX data to sensu.

The full examples can be found here:

However, the problem is this:


“timestamp”: “2016-03-18T00:07:50.872532+0000”,

“level”: “info”,

“message”: “publishing check result”,

“payload”: {

“client”: “usw02-dev-dataservices-ts-cassandra-1”,

“check”: {

“name”: “collectd”, <--------

Every data point sent to Sensu has the same name, which means every data point

from every bean shows up under “collectd” in the sensu dashboard, so basically

every bean is logged under the same “bag” of data, which means we can’t

extract any meaningful stats.

I see in the payload, there is this line:

“collectd_plugin_instance”: “thread_pools_misc_blocked”,

also,in some cases:

“collectd_plugin_type_instance”: “livereadcount-real_leaders”,

Is there a way to have it set those as the name? Or have Sensu key off that

value for the categorization/separation of data??

Any insights or suggestions are appreciated!