Statd noob questions

Hi, ex electrician been doing tivoli/scom and reporting for last 22 years

whilst i do have a sensu container running and 5 agents reporting i am very much a noob at this so bear with me

statd caught my eye, a developer can learn to “do things” and report stuff via a udp listener on the localhost…

how do they review these if just sent to agent alone

do the events or data end up on the event bus in the backend and do or can you do stuff to it back there with a custom event handler

they talk of an event handler on the agent, does this mean they can send directly to (for example) and influx db if it has path and bypass the backend altogether.

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Hi @ohhfine

Metrics events go through the backend pipeline but they are not be stored in etcd. In case of statsd, each agent can specify the backend handler(s) that should be used for handling statsd metrics originating from that agent, using the statsd-event-handler configuration attribute.

Agents are not responsible for handling events, although you could always do something like this using check hooks but I’d recommend to stick with the standard pipeline and rely on the backend to handle events!

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