Problems with mail handler

Hello dear sensu community,

having a blast with sensu-go and the asset system so far but now i am running into a problem with the mailing handler:

error executing handler: x509: cannot validate certificate for smtp_server_ip because it doesn’t contain any IP SANs

Since this is all private networking and nothing is leaving the internal network i would like to use an unsafe smtp auth and connection but sensu seems to require a certificate which does not exist.

The check is running 100% since i have a mattermost handler which is working also i tried different commands which all resulted in the same error.

Any hint or idea would be appreciated

Kind regards

:wave: what does your handler configuration look like? Looking at the handler readme, you should be able to either use --insecure or --authMethod none.

:wave: Thanks for your reply i used the insecure option just a second ago did ovlook it since it said deprecated but authMethod none still resultes in above error.

I am now get smtp relay access denied which seems to be a problem on my end since normaly we dont use authentication for our internal smtp.

Ok i figured the problem since our company uses google as his mail provider we are getting that error since google denies our mailserver access unless it has a proper authentification.

Thanks for your hint @aaronsachs-sensu

No worries! as somewhat of a best practice, I’d recommend using an app password when authing to Gmail’s servers. You can also use an unauthenticated server through Google, but there are some pretty strict sending limits. You’ll probably want to look at