Simple Ruby Email Handler

So I have sensu up and running and thanks to the great community figured out my omnibus problem and am getting things done now. Now that I have a couple of useful checks up I want to have warnings and critical alerts sent to me via email.

We’re using google mail for domains (fancy gmail with domain name) and I’d like to be able to auth against google to prevent google from throttling us or flagging as spam.

Does anyone have a decent ruby script out there that I could use/refactor to setup as an email handler with google/gmail?

I looked in the sensu-community-plugins and I think I see one but it’s not exactly what I think it is.

Any advice is appreciated as always. You guys are great!


I found the mailer.rb in the sensu-community-plugins and installed it today. Trying to get it to fire emails (but see my other post on this).