Proxy requests checks by subscriptions

I’m setting up a few instances to be monitored by sensu and need to use a few checks remotely to the instances (full path check). To enable this i’m using proxy checks and they work ok mostly. Now what i need is to run the checks based on the entity subscriptions; as this blog post mentions it

This was possible in sensu ruby, specifically

      "proxy_requests": {
        "client_attributes": {
          "url": "eval: defined?(value)",
          "subscriptions": "eval: value.include?('http-proxy-request')"

the eval statement, i can’t find any reference in documentation or google how to do this in sensu-go… any pointers?

(the odl check definition obviousl does not work)

I’ll be thankful for any help given.

Well naturally i found - entity.subscriptions.indexOf(‘wantedsub’) >= 0

5 minutes after posting.