Migration Webinar Follow Up Question: Proxy Check Subscriptions

Here’s a question we didn’t get to during the webinar today
Question concerns proxy checks:

One migration issue we’ve run across has to do with UI functionality and filtering which seems to be limited to Subscriptions or Class on the Entity section. To assist in planning maintenances, we set up dummy Subscriptions in Sensu Core that allowed us to quickly view related checks/entities and silence them en masse. The issue with doing this in Sensu Go is that proxied checks use the ‘proxy’ subscription, so this pushes us away from the UI and towards using API or commandline tools for planning maintenances. Is there a suggested solution?

I think there might be a misunderstanding here. I don’t believe the proxy checks require “proxy” subscription, the name of the subscription I believe is arbitrary.

Proxy entities are of type “proxy” which is different than agents, but I believe proxy requests can be associated with arbitrary subscription names. It could be that the available examples are just using “proxy” implying a hard requirement on the subscription name that doesn’t exist. Let me see if I can run up an example for you.