Roundrobin checks are not executing at the scheduled time

I have 3 node sensu go cluster and having 100+ checks where some of the checks are executing with proxyclient roundrobin attributes.

The roundrobin checks stops executing after executing for certain period. This scheduler issue making sensu unusuable.

Logs showing sending check request but check is not executing.


I created github issues but not getting any response. At least expecting response from sensu team.


The check definition
“command”:“bash /etc/sensu/plugins/”,

Log says sending check request but does not get any event. This means only sending check request but execution is not happening. In such case log should through error for not executing the check.

If one of the sensu backend stops then checks aren’t automatically shifting to another sensu server.

All the roundrobin checks having issues. Checks without roundrobin works quite fine. I think there is serious issue with roundrobin checks
Need assistance for fixing the issues

What does “proxyclient” mean in this context?

Have you checked the Sensu client logs? Are you sure the check command exits?

No, missing check execution only creates error event in case ttl is set, and ttl and round_robin are mutually exclusive.

Round robin checks are working fine for us, BTW.