Sending Sensu Metrics to Splunk

Is there any way to send sensu metrics over to splunk?

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Here’s an example using a Sensu socket handler and the Splunk Universal Forwarder:

This template assumes the Splunk Universal Forwarder is installed on all Sensu backend nodes, and simply forwards Sensu formatted events to Splunk (unless you’re also using a mutator to modify event payloads).

I can’t seem to get it working. I have attached a screenshot of my sensu handler as well as my splunk input.conf file. The host on the sensu handler is not actually, I just put that so that I do not reveal my actual host. However the host I actually used is the ip address of the first sensu backend node in my cluster where I also have the input.conf configured for.


What I am expecting to see is some recognizable output in the Splunk Search with the sourcetype of “sensu”. Is that right to assume or should I be expecting to see the metrics in a different way?

@username123 were you able to get your setup working with splunk. If so, can you provide the steps you have followed