Sensu-Backend throwing cluster mismatch problem after upgrading from 5.12 to 5.13

I had one node sensugo cluster with full fledge checks, handlers and entities. Then I planned cluster. I was preparing sensugo cluster of three nodes. I used custom AMI on AWS. But all nodes was showing individual cluster but with same cluster ID as shown in attached picture. Then I upgraded previous node to 5.13 but now I am facing cluster mismatch issue.

{“component”:“licensing”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“shutting down the license watcher, the Result() channel was closed”,“time”:“2019-09-25T07:06:36Z”}
{“component”:“tessend”,“error”:“context canceled”,“key”:“fed02b85-1dcc-464e-bcdf-606feb93166f”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“error removing key from the ring”,“time”:“2019-09-25T07:06:36Z”}
{“component”:“sensu-etcd”,“error”:“error creating backend ID: error granting lease: context canceled”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“error generating backend ID”,“time”:“2019-09-25T07:06:36Z”}