Sensugo cluster can be established if we prepare instances using AWS AMIs?

I have prepared a machine of sensugo server and then taken AMI of the machine. Then created three instances from that AMI and try to create a cluster using documentation. But is unable to create cluster.
I run member-list command on each node and found ID same on each node and peer URL as loopback. Then I reinstalled sensu-go-backend, it is prompting cluster ID mismatch as shown below.

{“component”:“etcd”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“request cluster ID mismatch (got a467f15fb443b2ca want 3b0efc7b379f89be)”,“pkg”:“rafthttp”,“time”:“2019-09-25T07:06:36Z”}

Hi @masifpak,

On first startup, etcd persists the cluster ID and the etcd-initial-cluster urls to disk. On subsequent restarts, etcd looks at the peer URLs persisted to the database on disk instead of those specified in your Sensu backend configuration.

It sounds like your AMI includes the etcd database, which would explain why the the cluster IDs are the same. The etcd nodes likely don’t know about one another due to the initial cluster information persisted to disk.