Sensu Client send to multiple Sensu providers

I have two locations, each location has a Sensu provider. Each Sensu provider is only responsible for servers that are local to it, including it’s own checks. Is it possible to configure each Sensu provider’s Client config to send to not only itself but also to the other provider. I don’t want all checks everywhere, just the provider’s own checks on both providers. How can I do this?

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Two quick comments here:

  1. We abandoned “master” in favor of race-neutral terminology in Sensu a loooooong time ago, because words matters: (since way before the recent #BLM movement). Would you mind editing your original post accordingly? #monitoringlove

  2. One of the last improvements we shipped for Sensu Classic (before the EOL) was support for RabbitMQ “shovel” configurations, which might be what you’re looking for? See here for more info:

I hope this helps!

Sorry about that, I should know better seeing as how we are a multiracial family. I appreciate you correcting me. Really old BOFH here trying to break old habits.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at RabbitMQ shovel.

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I won’t say “it’s ok”, but I totally understand (and I’m also from a multi-racial family). It’s gonna take a conscious team effort to overcome those old habits!

I hope the RMQ Shovel approach helps. :+1: