Sensu docs digest for November 2021

:fallen_leaf: Here we are at the end of November, and it’s time for the Sensu docs digest! We shipped three Sensu Go releases this month: 6.5.5, 6.6.0, and 6.6.1. Sensu Go 6.6.0 introduces PostgreSQL event store sorting and allows GraphQL to use the PostgreSQL event store to sort events and get the total event count. Other improvements in Sensu Go 6.6.0 include ANSI color code support in the web UI, as well as fixes for potential etcd connection issues. The patch releases, Sensu Go 6.5.5 and 6.6.1, include two new backend configuration flags, GraphQL and Prometheus metrics, additional context in cron errors, and a range of bug fixes for the web UI, websocket connections, and keepalive lease grant operations.

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