Sensu-go agent stops

Cannot figure out what causes my sensu agent stops on some windows machines. These sensu agents after rebooting will stop after several days for unknown reasons (generally about one week). The error message found in the log file like this

“component”:“cmd”,“level”:“warning”,“msg”:“config attribute id has been deprecated, please use name instead”,“time”

and my agent.yml file like this:



  • “ws://ip-address:port#”
  • “ws://ip-address:port”
  • “ws://ip-address:port”

namespace: default

  • host_checks_win
  • host_metrics_win
    log-level: debug

Any ideas what caused this problem? Thanks a lot for your help.

What version of the Windows agent are you running?

Also which method of sensu-agent service installation did you use?

I have to apologize, Windows is not the operating system I use most frequently so I’m not the best resource for troubleshooting Windows service. Just a few questions,

Is there evidence that Windows attempted to re-start the agent after it failed?

Either version 5.14.0 or 5.10.2


Can you try to update to 5.15 and see if that helps.

So far, I updated all of sensu agents to 5.14.0 and found that does not help. One thing I noticed is this problem just happened again and again (randomly to me) in one of our data center, other data centers just works fine. I am not sure what caused this problem since the VM config on all of the data center looks same to me…