Sensu agent installed on windows crash automatically

Sensu agent installed on windows 10 crash automatically . Sensu backend cluster are installed on linux machines. The sensu agent installed on linux has no problem but it has problem only with windows installed machine. Both Sensu backend cluster and agent have same version of sensu installed ( version 5.21.0+ee, enterprise edition) . I have seen the log files and found the following messages:

{“component”:“agent”,“error”:“read tcp x.x.x.x:xxx -\u003ex.x.x.x.x:8081: i/o timeout”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“reconnection attempt failed”,“time”:“2022-01-17T18:27:03+01:00”}
I had analysed event viewer message also, but I couldnot figure out the solution for this problem.
Any information regarding this ?

Hey there, offhand it’s difficult to say what the issue may be without seeing logs from the backend. It would also be helpful for folks in the community to know what your deployment looks like (i.e., any load balancers involved between your agents and the backend).

One other note,the version of Sensu you’re on is over a year old. I’d recommend upgrading to a more recent version to see if that might address your issue.

hi, There is no loadbalancer between agents and backend.

Can you telnet to your sensu-backend successfully? This would seem to be a network communication issue.