Sensu Go Clustering and etcd performance

Planning to migrate from sensu core to sensu go here.
Not sure where to ask these questions, As my company is a not for profit company and we, therefore, need to keep costs low. We are planning to build from OSS.

  1. Building from open source will override the sensu-backend free 100 entities limit?
  2. Does the etcd performance is enough for sensu cluster with 2,500-3,000 agents?
  3. Etcd max database size limit is 8-10GB. Is it sufficient for this number of agents? PostgresSQL is only available to commercial versions only?

Thank you!


So the first question is, yes the open source repo does not have the 100 entity limit.

Second and third question, while I haven’t personally stress tested either Sensu OSS or commercial in a while, my understanding is that yes etcd performance can be good enough for 3k agents with the right disk and network configuration. I think the important concern is making sure the etcd stores are using a fast SSD disk so etcd’s write to disk doesn’t become a bottleneck.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, the Sensu Inc. engineering team has made their perf testing tooling available: You can modify those test scripts and perform your own perf testing. The loadit command used in the perf testing scripts to simulate a large number of agents is part of the OSS repo,