Sensu Integration with Jira Service Management

Is it possible to integrate sensu with Jira Service Management in a disconnected environment (no access to internet) ? We’d like dynamic case creation with the use of sensu agents if possible. If so, where can I find instructions on doing so? Thank you!

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Have you looked at the official JIRA integration? I’m not sure what JIRA Service Management is, but our handler supports both the flagship JIRA product as well as JIRA ServiceDesk and it should work with on-prem JIRA via the --jira-url flag.

Hey Caleb,

Jira service management is essentially the same thing as jira service desk, just the next generation of it. I’ve taken a look at the documentation and since our machines are not connected to the internet ive followed the following steps:

also let’s assume these are the following variables:

  1. Download the tarball file for the Linux amd64 and upload it to a file repository in red hat satellite. I’ve verified that I can curl and download the tar file onto my machine via the http url.
  2. Created a sensu asset pointing the url to the Tarbal file location in red hat satellite along with the checksum
  3. Created a sensu handler pointing to the created sensu asset and following command: sensu-jira-handler --jira-issue-type Bug --jira-issue-description “{{.Entity.Name}}/{{.Check.Name}}: {{.Check.State}}” --jira-project-key KEY --jira-url “” --jira-username “admin_user” --jira-password “123123”

I’m expecting a ticket to be created when an event is in a “warning” or “critical” state however I am not seeing anything in Jira.

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Thanks for the clarification RE: ServiceDesk / Service Management. Our JIRA integration currently [1] requires a licensed Sensu installation, so I suspect if you checked the Sensu logs you might see an error log indicating that a license is required. A trial license will work (for testing purposes at least), which you can get here:

Could you give it another try with a trial license and let us know if the integration works for you?

[1]: we are actively considering making these licensed integrations work with the Sensu Go free tier (i.e. “free up to your first 100 nodes”), so there’s a chance that this integration and other licensed integrations will not require a license for free tier users in the near future.