sensu plugin for mongodb metrics

Hi All,

I am new to sensu. I installed sensu plugin for mongodb.

If i run the plugin i am not getting any result.

Kindly help me how to use the command


Thanks in advance.

Using Sensu assumes a tiny bit of experience with the linux command line and Bash respectively.

While the “#” is often used in documentation to signify running a command as a user as opposed to

“$” which means running as root it means something different when pasted. When used directly as part of

input to the commandline it is used to mark comments - excluding the part from being run.

Furthermore when using Sensu you - in most setups - run the script directly instead of specifying the full path.





On Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 9:54:35 AM UTC+2, ilaya… wrote:

Kindly help me how to use the command