Sensu Plugins Packaging RFC



Packaging and versioning of the plugins is something I know a lot of people want and for good reason. I would like to purpose a thought and see how people feel about it. In a nutshell I would like to split the community-plugins repo in smaller repos, based upon application. This would mean all the Windows plugins, handlers, etc would go into a repo named sensu-plugins-windows, the aws ones would go to sensu-plugins-aws and so one. Some projects already do this to some extent, specifically Hubot, and it presents many advantages.


  • Application groups are easier to package and version than a monolithic repository

  • Plugin groups could be installed by an automation tool or Sensu itself with ease and be dependent upon only those checks currently running

  • There would be no need to bump the entire plugins repo for a small change to a single plugin

  • A user could pin separate gem versions depending on their environment

  • More overhead concerning dependency management

  • More jobs to create and manage

  • Plugin groups may not work for everyone
    For those that want things the way they are we will create quarterly meta-gem releases of all the various gems, and these can be considered stable, whereas the individual gems could be considered production grade but active and the meta-gem would get built from each of these. This paves the way for company’s to create specific gemsets for only the software they run. For example a lamp stack meta-gem would consist of core(system), mysql, and apache.

Dependency management could be somewhat solved over time as the community builds custom meta sets and such that all rely on a single dependency version, as they pin their version and run the included integration tests, if they pass then they could submit a PR back and we could bump the dependency for that specific gem.


Issue 847