I need checks for supervisor, there are not on Bonsai.
I tried migrate them from following documentation with goreleaser and this skeleton :

I succeeded to create release with tar.gz asset, but binaries are not inside… I get just one which is not the check.

I have no much knowledge about go, is there a procedure to migrate a plugin from old sensu-plugins ?
Or is somebody can create this asset ? :pray:

Thanks !

In briefly looking, that plugin hasn’t really been touched in a while and the README points to issues building with Ruby 2.3 and 2.4.1 (the basis we use for building Bonsai assets). However, we will take a look at this soon and see if we can get it ported over.

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@arkpoah I’m still looking at this, I am curious about your usage though. Do you use inet or unix domain socket for supervisor status? And do you require username/password to access?

we use unix socket to get supervisor status, no user/password are required.
it is actually called like that on sensu core :

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/check-supervisor-socket.rb -s /var/run/supervisor.sock -c STARTING,BACKOFF,STOPPING,EXITED,FATAL,UNKNOWN,STOPPED

Rather than burn a lot of time on the existing Ruby based plugin, I coded something similar in Go. Want to try this one out?

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check works fine, thank you !!

I’m able to run it locally with sudo from /var/cache/sensu/sensu-agent/*/bin/sensu-supervisor-check but sudo does not work from sensu.

I’m investigating on that, if you know… :slight_smile: