Unable to delete windows sensu client from Uchiwa

Hi All,
I am facing an issue while deleting the sensu-client from uchiwa

I have installed sensu-client on a windows machine with the client name as windows-1 and the sensu client is running

Then I have changed the sensu client name in the windows machine as windows-server-1 and restarted the sensu-client

The new client name appears in Uchiwa along with the old sensu client name.

If I try to delete the old sensu client name it reappears in few seconds even though it shows the client has been successfully deleted.

I tried to delete the old sensu-client by stopping the sensu-client but still the keepalive is coming from the sensu-client with old name.

I have also ensured that there are no other sensu-clients registered with this name.

Could you please let me know if the entry has to be deleted from any other path/location ?