Update on the virtual Sensu Community Summit

After much consideration, we’ve decided to change up the virtual Sensu Community Summit, breaking down the excellent content we have planned into a more digestible format. Instead of releasing that content in rapid succession over the course of a few days (a la “virtual Sensu Community Summit”), we’ll share the same great talks and topics we had planned over the next couple of months in the form of a webinar series.

This webinar series will include the following presentations:

  • A talk from myself and Developer Advocate Jef Spaleta on what’s new in Sensu (think of it as part 2 of the webinar from last month). This will happen on May 19 @ 10am PT as originally planned. If you’ve already registered for Summit, you’re set! If not, you can register for our webinar here.
  • Viasat’s David Schroeder on Sensu Go architecture, deployment automation, and fancy federation
  • VideoAmp’s Craig Pfeiffer on becoming a Sensu champion and standards bearer in your organization
  • Interactive workshops with our Developer Advocates on asset best practices, monitoring templates, getting started with the sensuctl command plugin, and more!

If any (or all!) of the above piques your interest, make sure to keep an eye on our Community Forum to stay in the loop as content is announced. As always, thanks for being a valued member of our community, and stay safe out there!