Upsilon Project - evolved in paralell

Hi folks,

Some time ago, I started to create a new monitoring solution out of my frustration with how old and stale Nagios has become - I created the Upsilon Project ( After quite a few weeks of development, I released version 1.0.0, posted it up to Reddit and was pretty distraught when somebody said I’d just re-implemented a project called “Sensu”, which I’d never heard of. Well, it seems I had created a project in parallel to Sensu and we share many design goals it seems;

  • A system that is compatible with Nagios’s existing vast collection of checks.

  • Everything accessible via an API, to which a separate dashboard and admin tools connect.

  • A small “core” server for monitoring (I call it upsilon-node).

  • Online configuration changes (I developed a pretty sophisticated configuration transaction system).

Unfortunately I don’t have any community really (never known how to start one), but I’ve got pretty comprehensive documentation and a heck of a lot of code.

I’m posting here just because wondered if anyone would like to look through it; , and even though I don’t think merging projects is feasible, I wonder if I could contribute to the project with the larger community. From what I’ve seen I think upsilon has project more sophisticated features and dashboard (even if it doesn’t look as sexy at all!). Err, just let me know what you think I guess :wink:

  • James