Use different handler for subscribed check on specific entity


Is it possible to use a different handler for one specific entity that is subscribed to a check?

Context: I have a check called cpu which has the linux subscription as its target. The results for this check are handled by the handler handler_occurrences3. This handler has a filter with the expressions event.check.occurrences == 3 || event.is_resolution. In other words: we are alerted about this check after 3 non-OK’s. However, for one specific entity that is subscribed to this check, I’d like to receive alerts after more non-OK’s. So, I would need to create a new filter and handler, and let the check for this specific entity only use that handler.

Hey there. Have you looked at the fatigue check filter? Based on what I’m understanding, it seems to fit the bill for what you’d need. Basically, if you implement using it instead of the filter expressions, you can use annotations on the respective entity to have different values than your defaults.

Thanks for the hint! I’ll take a look at that.