WebUI, Dashboard under Sensu

Hi All,
I tried to find an answer in the community … i am sorry this is a really basic question

As far as i can see, the dashboard in Sensu seems basic, even the Uchiwa.
The goal is to be able to “built” a complete dashboard to view the summary of my monitoring.
Nagios has Nagvis (I saw a question here to ask for something similar to NagVis) but this is a not a pure dynamic web dashboard.
ELK provides now “Canvas”…
So the dashboard appears to be the “fragile” part of monitoring.
What does Sensu provide as a dynamic and customisable dashboard ?

Many thanks in advance for your answers

Hi @fpe,

The goal of the dashboards in Sensu is fairly basic–they’re mainly to provide at-a-glance views of what’s going on in your monitoring environment. As Sensu Core doesn’t retain any more than the last 21 exit codes and fairly minimal data on checks in general, we generally advise users to use a combination of something like Graphite/Grafana or InfluxDB/Grafana. This allows for more persistent storage of metric/check data and Grafana provides a much more robust dashboarding solution. You could also send the data into ELK from Sensu and use ELK’s Canvas for your dashboarding needs.