Workshop issues


I’m new to Sensu and trying to get the sandbox workshop up and running.

The first problem I came across was that mattermost wasn’t being provisioned correctly, this turned out to be because my container gets called workshop-mattermost-1 rather than workshop_mattermost_1 - I changed that line in scripts/seed-workshop-resources which seems to solve that problem.

Next problem is that I don’t have the entity defined. The only reference to that seems to be in config/sensu/seeds/example-event.json - that file doesn’t appear to get used though.

If I run docker compose in the foreground I constantly get:

workshop-sensu-assets-1 | - - [17/Nov/2022:11:27:16 +0000] “HEAD / HTTP/1.1” 200 0 “-” “Docker health check (curl)”
workshop-app-1 | [BufferedStatsdClient] 2022/11/17 11:27:22 write udp> write: connection refused
workshop-app-1 | [BufferedStatsdClient] 2022/11/17 11:27:22 Error flushing stats write udp> write: connection refused

messages - I’m not sure if that is relevant or a different problem.

I’m using Docker 20.10.21 on Ubuntu 20.04 - It would be good to know if it just works for other people or if there’s something unsupported about my setup.

Any thoughts appreciated!


Hey there,

Our Developer advocates are the best folks to assist with workshop issues (cc @thoward ). But for the message you’re seeing, it’s not an issue AFAIK. UDP 8125 is the statsd listener, so you should be OK. For the other issues, I would recommend raising them on the workshop Github repo so that the DA’s can tackle them.