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It would be great to see these daemons included in the community-plugins repo. Maybe under handlers, or perhaps an entirely new category would be a good idea ? Any plans to do that?



On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 5:15 AM, sensu-users@googlegroups.com sensu-users@googlegroups.com wrote:

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Brian Boyd brian@boydduo.com May 20 08:36PM -0700

  Here's the TCP mailer handler I'm using.


It’s based on the community-provided mailer.rb and some of the sensu

classes like Sensu::Server. It leverages the sensu libraries for reading

the config, listening on a socket, logging, etc. I wasn’t able to use the

Sensu::Handler class as-is because it expects events to be read from STDIN,

so while I didn’t like doing it, the best approach I could find was to copy

and modify.

I’ve taken the same approach with the remediator, elasticsearch and am

wrapping up the irc handler (which will have a persistent connection to

avoid the login/logout).

Using this approach I’ve noticed the load on the server remains more

predictable even if there are a flood of alerts.


On Monday, May 19, 2014 2:16:42 PM UTC-5, Morris Jones wrote:

Publishing check results directly via amqp

“Adrià Casajús” acasajus@cloudjutsu.com May 20 12:02PM -0700

  Is there any doc regarding this?

On Sunday, 8 September 2013 21:36:35 UTC+2, Brian Lalor wrote:

Matthew Barr mbarr@kensho.com May 20 03:09PM -0400

  From what I remember, you can publish directly to the client socket, typically on 3030.

One sample I’ve seen online is just:

handlers, name, output & status. Looks like the client will add all the rest.

“Adrià Casajús” acasajus@cloudjutsu.com May 20 10:05PM +0200

  Euh... The question was about for structure of the JSON payload. Is it

documented somewhere?

Brian Lalor



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Kyle Anderson kyle@xkyle.com May 20 08:01PM -0700

  This is the JSON of an event:


The spawn an event manually, you send the “check” part of the JSON into

localhost:3030. (at least name, status, and output)