Does anyone have experience securing the Dashboard with a cert from Let's Encrypt? -- Solved

I’m struggling mightily to secure my dashboard with a cert from Let’s Encrypt.

I am using docker-compose to run my sensu-go instance and in the command, I am setting --dashboard-cert-file and --dashboard-key-file with the appropriate paths. Sadly, there is log output that states that there is no such file or directory. I have this properly configured in nginx so it is probably just a matter of permissions.

Thanks for any help or insight that someone may be able to provide.

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I’m an extreme novice when it comes to docker and it is quite possible that the file just actually doesn’t exist because I’m not making it available to the image. Stay tuned…

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Are you volume mounting the certs into the Docker container? Can you share your Dockerfile and docker run command?

That was actually the issue. I was not mounting the certs. One of my colleagues politely pointed that out when I was going over the situation.

Once I properly mounted the certs, things worked as expected.

Thanks for reaching out @calebhailey.


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Happy to help! :+1: Glad you got it sorted out!