Our Docker repo is now open-source!

The official Sensu Go Docker container was downloaded (pulled) over 1M times in the first 12 months following general availability, and nearly 4M times in the next 12 months. With the “5M pulls” milestone rapidly approaching, we’re happy to share the following changes with the community:

  1. We’re open sourcing the sensu-docker repository on GitHub (MIT License). This is great news for Sensu users as it (finally) makes the Sensu Docker image contents (e.g. entrypoint script) available for review and contributions from the community. Check out the source code at https://github.com/sensu/sensu-docker.

  2. We’re working on new alternate-base images which will be readily available to download using tags like sensu/sensu:6.2.0-centos or sensu/sensu:6.2.0-debian (etc). Until now the official Sensu Go Docker image has only been available as an Alpine Linux-based image, but many of our customers have security/compliance requirements around base images used in their containers, so we’re excited to offer official images in more flavors (soon).

We look forward to your feedback and contribution to help us improve the Sensu Go Docker image.