Health API for Sensu Agent Websocket?

Is there a health api for the sensu agent websocket ?

We’re trying to publish the websocket through an Azure Application Gateway but the Health Probe fails with Error Code 400 ? is there an API Endpoint like /health that we could query to check if it is healthy ?

Thanks in advance

Are you trying to say that you want to put the websocket that the agents use to connect to the backend(s) behind an Azure Application Gateway and you need some way to check if the backend nodes are healthy and can receive the agent traffic? If so, yes there is a /health API endpoint for checking if a backend node is healthy.

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Hello @todd,

thanks for the heads up to the api health point, but it looks like this is not available on the websocket on port 8081.
The Azure Application Gateway supports Websockets but needs an endpoint on the same port that it can run its HTTP Get Probe against -

Maybe this is the wrong approach but we need to connect Sensu Agents from different Networks / Clouds to our environment without doing a VPN or Network Peering.

Ah, okay I see what you mean now. At current, this is not possible. However, I have passed this along to our engineering team for review.