HTTP plugin with support for NTLM Authentication?


I’m new to Sensu and I’m currently testing out the different possibilities, look good so far :slight_smile:
I found the sensu-plugins/sensu-plugins-http from bonsai, but it does not support NTLM Auth. Is anyone aware of a solution that supports NTLM?


NTLM is a complicated auth process that is unlikely to be easily supported in an instance such as this, normally if you wanted to do auth from Active Directory you would either use RADIUS via network policy server or more likely you’d use LDAP/LDAPS. If you also wanted to authenticate the OS using Active Directory it might be better to use an intermediate service such as FreeIPA server.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
The reason for asking, is that I have a site running on IIS 10 where Windows authentication is used and enabled providers are Negotiate+NTLM.
The goal is to monitor the website, but to do so I need to be able to login.

You may be able to use this python library to write a check that does a synthetic auth as a check.

Thanks! That looks like a possible solution :+1:

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