Impossible to install email-handler plugin


I’m new on sensu so i tried to install a sensu go cluster on aws…
I already have my backend and my agent install on it, also i have install sensuctl.

But i have an issue when i try to install the email-handler plugin i have an issue :
sh-4.2$ sudo sensu-install -p email-handler
[SENSU-INSTALL] installing Sensu plugins …
[SENSU-INSTALL] determining if Sensu gem ‘sensu-plugins-email-handler’ is already installed …
[SENSU-INSTALL] Sensu plugin gems to be installed: [“sensu-plugins-email-handler”]
[SENSU-INSTALL] installing Sensu gem ‘sensu-plugins-email-handler’
ERROR: Could not find a valid gem ‘sensu-plugins-email-handler’ (>= 0) in any repository
ERROR: Possible alternatives: sensu-plugins-mailhandler, sensu-plugins-mailer, sensu-plugins-mailgun, sensu-plugins-bigpanda, sensu-plugins-cassandra
[SENSU-INSTALL] failed to install Sensu gem ‘sensu-plugins-email-handler’
[SENSU-INSTALL] you can run the sensu-install command again with --verbose for more info
[SENSU-INSTALL] please take note of any failure messages above
[SENSU-INSTALL] make sure you have build tools installed (e.g. gcc)
[SENSU-INSTALL] trying to determine the Sensu plugin homepage for sensu-plugins-email-handler …
ERROR: No gem matching ‘sensu-plugins-email-handler (>= 0)’ found

Again i’m new on sensu, thanks for your help

hi @eyangui,

The sensu-install command is a wrapper around Ruby’s gem command, so it is pulling down Sensu community plugins that are written in Ruby. It is indeed impossible to pull down the email handler, as that’s a Golang plugin that’s best used as an asset. I’d recommend taking a look over to see how plugins work now, especially in the context of assets. Assets can be installed via sensuctl asset add $GITHUBUSER/$PLUGINNAME:$VERSION.