Is there a meet up videos available anywhere?


I see that there are many meetups being organised by sensu team for sensu-go, Wanted to check is
there any channel where people can see those videos?



Hi @Vimlesh, I’m not sure of any one channel that is posting their videos from meetups. However, the main Sensu Youtube channel has quite a few. I’ll personally be recording a talk this upcoming Tuesday at a local meetup and hope to get that posted. @MegHartley might also have some knowledge about whether or not we’re getting videos from meetups.


Hi Vimlesh,

We currently don’t have any meetup videos posted, as this is a new program. Keep an eye out for videos in the future and feel free to peruse our YouTube channel that Aaron linked in his reply:-).


Thanks Meg and Aaron, mostly current videos on a channel are for Core, I will keep an eye for upcoming videos for sensu 5.1.x +