Monitorama 2022: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

ICYMI, this year’s Monitorama marks a return to the in-person event following a pandemic hiatus.

It was the first Monitorama where Sensu and Sumo Logic combined forces in our commitment to open source and driving deeper engagement with the developer and DevOps communities.

In the new blog post series, our Senior Software Development Advocate, Troy Howard, shares the insights he gained from the conference.

In Part 1, Troy discusses what it was like to navigate a tech conference in the post-pandemic world and the most engaging themes of Monitorama 2022, including tracing, SLIs, OpenTelemetry, and more.

In Part 2, Troy shares the talks that stood out to him for some very specific reasons. Some gave him hope and inspiration, some terrified or depressed him, and some just captured something beautiful.

Did you attend Monitorama 2022? If so, we would love to hear about your experience!