Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

Dear Sensu Community, today marked mine (and quite a few others’) last day at Sensu/Sumo Logic. I wanted to say thank you to all the folks here in the community, wherever you are in the world. When I started at Sensu in 2017, it was an incredible opportunity to be involved with an exciting project and learn some new things and grow in the process. I learned a lot about tech, but I also had the pleasure of hearing many stories, whether here in the forums, or in-person at conferences. Seeing the many ways that y’all used Sensu and hearing about how it solved challenges for you was truly inspiring.

That said, I don’t know what the future of the project will be. That’s for the folks left to decide as they move forward.

A number of us are now looking to see what’s next professionally. So if you’re on LinkedIn and are connected with any of us in the Sensu crew and are looking for talented technical folks who know their way around monitoring/logging/metrics projects, feel free to reach out.

#monitoringlove <3


Wow thank you for all your efforts, surprised

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Thank you so much @aaronsachs, Best of luck for your future career!!

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