What's the near future plans for Sensu Go?

Just a general question, haven’t seen an update since 6.10.0 was released a few months ago after a fairly frequent release cadence prior to that. And not much activity on GitHub over the last few months either.

Just wondering what the near future plans are and if a 6.11 or 7.0 might be imminent.

Disclaimer: I was a Sensu Developer Advocate from November 2019 to April 2021, prior to the Sumo Logic acquisition. The information below is second-hand knowledge and/or speculation on my part.

I don’t have an answer for you regarding future plans, but I do have some additional observations. Sumo Logic acquired Sensu back in 2021. In June of 2023 Sumo Logic laid off the entirety of the Sensu Customer Success, Developer Advocacy, Growth Marketing, and Sales teams, essentially leaving only the engineering folks behind. Of those, it appears that several are now focused mainly on Sumo Logic products. Therefore it seems that Sensu is not getting the love and attention it deserves.

The Customer Success and Developer Advocacy teams were the ones mainly responsible for interacting with users here and in the Community Slack. They also did a lot of work on third-party integrations and with the Bonsai asset database. Their absence has probably been quite noticeable in the months since the layoffs.

Thanks for that update.

That’s a pity, I really liked sensu’s simple clean architecture with the concept of a monitoring pipeline, and easily deployable with a gitops workflow.

Unless Sumo Logic make some kind of announcement on the future of sensu, I guess we’ll have to start looking into alternatives.

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