Is Sensu Go still alive?

Is Sensu Go still going?

  • Last commit to github: 8 months ago
  • Last announcement: 10 months ago
  • Founder left: 16 months ago

Secret 6.11 release in January 2024 without an announcement.

Should we go looking for something else?

For some history, see this answer to a previous similar query. However, since that post I do believe they did retain or rehire a support person as well as someone in sales.

But they also lost their other co-founder and CTO the end of December.

There was a recent issue with someone forgetting to pay the Packagecloud repository hosting bill.

It definitely seems the bare minimum is being done to keep current users and customers running, but not much else. :person_shrugging:

Unless there are more signs of life in the next few months, we’re going to look for alternatives.

Add to this that the DNS for (via was down for at least a day or so probably due to billing issues again. What’s next? This discourse? The hosting for itself or that of bonsai?

Hey y’all,

First off, I’m sorry for the recent hiccups. Your questions are fair ones. I think we’ve got everything squared away now regarding the items noted above. The product is seeing active development, and will have further updates. Additionally, work on both new and updated plugins is currently underway.




@justinhenderson An announcement regarding the future of the project would be welcome. What is currently under development ? What is the status of Sensu 7.0 (ETA would be nice) ?

Due to the lack of communication I have also been looking at other solutions.

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